Blair Lister

Kelowna, Canada

Hi there! I am an adventurous spirit and an old soul who is known to laugh a lot. I aim to capture beauty, or my version of it at least. I hope to bring enlightened moments and further spark others imaginations. I started playing with photography as a young adult while travelling the world with a film camera. I wish I could return to all 24 countries and experience the cultures, laughter, food and beautiful spirits with the ability to capture through the technology we have today. My love for storytelling and visuals moved me into producing corporate video as a freelancer for the past sixteen years. I have been privileged to work with local and international clients to help them achieve a visual message that meets their goals, and I hope to incorporate cinemagraphs into this medium soon. When unable to travel to exotic places I’m happy to explore the Pacific North-West where I currently reside. Incredible adventures await those who seek them, and I’m excited to see what happens even close to home. I truly hope that you will discover something new from my explorations, spark your own creativity and join me on the journey.

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