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Cinemagraph by Jason Plummer

5 Festive Ways Your Business Can Use Cinemagraphs During Christmas

If brick and mortar business owners decorate their shops for the holidays, and send written seasonal greetings to colleagues and clients, those who run online shops should follow suit digitally. To get you in the spirit, we’ve shortlisted five ways to use cinemagraphs to spread Christmas cheer online.

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Cinemagraph by Nightflare Creative

Stepping into the Surreal World of Nightflare Creative

Burning flowers, skulls, fog-blanketed forests, and shadowy light. What do these things have in common? They can all be found in the eye-catching, surreal cinemagraphs of gallereplay artists Nightflare Creative. We recently caught up with them to get some insight on building sets, sourcing props, and bringing artistic concepts to fruition.

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Cinemagraph by Lydia Dietsch

10 Tips for Creating Better Cinemagraphs

One of the best ways to learn a craft is by tapping into the experience and knowledge of a specialist. To help you master the art of the cinemagraph, gallereplay co-founder Lydia Dietsch has compiled her top 10 tips for creating better cinemagraphs.

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Cinemagraph by Kitchen Ghosts

Food Porn 2.0: The Most Delicious Cinemagraphs and Their Creators

Food photography has long been a crowd-pleaser. Now the genre is taking off in a new direction thanks to cinemagraphs, an exciting visual medium bringing food photos to life. We asked gallereplay artists Daria Khoroshavina, Peter Chou, and Olena Balatska to share their recipe for success.

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Cinemagraph in Display by Thomas Brand

Looping on the Go: Cinemagraphs and Outdoor Advertising

The landscape of outdoor advertising is rapidly changing thanks to the growing popularity of digital signage. Display providers and marketers agree: the combination of cinemagraphs and out-of-home displays makes for a powerful advertising experience.

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Meet the Artist: Yuito Kimura

His childhood love for manga and passion for music inspires much of his cinemagraph work. Meet Japanese gallereplay artist and filmmaker Yuito Kimura – a pioneer of the cinemagraph music video.

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A Cultural Exchange: Bengali meets Borsch

Two pioneers spreading the cinemagraph medium in their own countries are Ashraful Arefin and Daria Khoroshavina of Kitchen Ghosts. Read more about the development of cinemagraphs in Bangladesh and Russia and find out how their native cultures influence their work!

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Team Close-Up: gallereplay’s Angels

Meet gallereplay’s angels, the power trio in charge of marketing, community management and graphic design! Read about their most extraordinary moments working for gallereplay, and find out how teleportation and time control could change their lives!

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