Doug Cook

Calgary, Canada

I’m a Calgary-based filmmaker. I produce & direct brand films, commercials, cinemagraphs, music videos, documentaries and stop-motion animations. I’m a storyteller with an incredible ability to transform standard things, daily behaviours, and stale concepts into fantastic, super creative, visual living experiences. I also play with my beard & mustache a lot as it helps me think! ... lets tell your story

Cinemagraphs by Doug Cook

Musician on Sofa Strums Guitar

Champagne Glasses and Bottle

Musician with Sunglasses Plays Guitar

Spinning Top on Shiny Surface

Intense Drummer

Champagne Bubbles in Glass

Miniature Photographer in Park

Spinning Maple Leaf in Forest

Champagne Bubbles in Wide Glass

Leaf Rotates in Forest

Spinning Top on Black Surface

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