gallereplay Team

Berlin, Germany

Hi there! You’ve discovered the official profile for gallereplay team productions. Every so often we like to get behind the camera and shoot stock cinemagraphs around specific themes. It’s an opportunity for us to experiment, test our ideas and get the whole team involved in the creation of cinemagraphs. Past participants have included: Lydia Dietsch, Mira Weckmann, Marco Woldt and Thomas Moran.

Cinemagraphs by Gallereplay


Miniature figurines watch fireworks

Pinecone at Christmas

Miniature lady sits in pinecone

Golden Balls at Christmas

Miniature figurines sit on pinecone

Miniature figurines transport decorations

Gingerbread heart

Miniature figurines inspect decorations

Miniature christmas present

Decorative christmas tree with candles, pink background

Christmas candles

Miniature figurine holds sparkler in front of blue background

Miniature figurines arrange decorations

Christmas candles in the dark

Christmas Angel

Miniature figurine holds sparkler

Decorative christmas tree with pinecone and baubles, pink background

Christmas candles against wood.

Decorative christmas tree with pinecone, pink background

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