Guilherme Oisi

Araraquara, Brazil

Hello! I'm Guilherme, graphic designer and filmmaker from Brazil. Always trying to reach the deepest fields of human introspection, I believe life is more than it seems. The way we act by communicating with ourselves, diving into our conscience, is incredibly mysterious and each one has a unique way to do so. My academic studies have always been focused on cinema, photography and design, also interested in psychology and philosophy. Along the years, I realized every frame we see is like a painting and some of them deserve to be registered and admired. The ideas we share with the world can develop unimaginable influence.

Cinemagraphs by Guilherme

Playful superhero poses on beach

Woman in gas mask stands before a carousel.

Man repairs a bike

Couple prays at alter

Traditional Japanese Temple

Friends sit on the beach looking out to sea

Cowboy and his lasso

Rain falls on surface of pond

Elderly couple pray at the entrance of a temple

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