Lydia Dietsch

Berlin, Germany

I'm Lydia, co-founder of gallereplay, currently based in Berlin. I’m a graphic designer and photographer but fell in love with cinemagraphs in February 2015. I love to work independently, setting up creative projects and realizing ideas I have. I love to discover new places around the world and never leave home without my camera.

Cinemagraphs by Lydia Dietsch

Carousel and Droptower next to House

Hand with Silver Piggy Bank

Flags in Small Alley

Boats and Iron Bridge in Porto

Fountain in Rome

Sleeping Dogs on Street

Road Building Line and Colosseum

Detailed View of the Kolosseum

Historic Arch in Rome

Ocean Waves and Sunset

Shy Cat Behind Curtain

Young Man with Kite on Beach

Walkway to Kitesurfing Beach

Men Take Break by Caravan

Cat on Armchair with Sunrays

Men with Caravan at Beach

Sleepy Cat on Window Sill

Colorful Disco Lights

Fizzy Tablet in a Glass

Golden Beach

Hilltop View of Palermo

A Large, Antique Book

Fan in Room with Nautical Theme

Silhouette in Abandoned Building

Laundry on Balcony in Porto

Flash of a Analogue Camera

Hilltop Villa in Palermo

Chimney Steam of a Building

Iron Bridge in Porto

Car in Front of Church

Laundry on Clothesline in City

Neon Sign in Alley

Light at the facade of Colchester Castle

Traditional Wooden Fishing Boat

Scooter Traffic

Tree on a Beach

Tourists at Fountain in Chicago

Waves at Rocky Coast

Reflection of Yachts in Marina

Thick Fog on Mountaintop

Cat at Fruit Stall

Intersection and Tracks in Chicago

Waterfall at Stone Wall

Carousel at Night

Scooter on Roadside

Small Piggy Bank

Sea Wall at Harbour in Lisbon

Calculations on a Calculator

Woman in Abandoned Building

Seagull in Front of Bridge

Cyclist in Front of Roman Basilica

Band on Square in Lisbon

Christmas Tree in Front of Palace

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