Leipzig, Germany

It started with enthusiasm and turned into a vision, a vision that created a dream and from that dream Malolepzie Visual Storytelling was born. Creating a space for inspiration and enabling high-quality and visionary Content. That’s Malolepzie.

Cinemagraphs by Malolepzie

Morning Routine in the Winter

Close Shot of Hourglass

Shop Display and Passerby

Selfie in Front of Mural

Selfie in Front of Mural

Reflection in Spoon at Dinner Table

Baking Cookies

Bike on Wall

Woman With Glass and Decanter

Young Woman in Pool

Woman in Poppy Field

Woman in Pool

Man With Badminton Racket

Woman in Field of Poppies

Different Choice

Melon in Swimming Pool

Person With Present at Tree

Scale and Mortar in Kitchen

Christmas Socks and German Incense Smoker

Healthy Diet

Christmas Decoration on Tree

Steaming Mug with Candy Cane

Light Inside Miniature House

Magical Gift

Man With Wish List

Wish List and Mug

Fitness Couple

Stretching and Push-ups

Business Man with Coffee and Smartphone

Fingers Typing on Keyboard

Office Worker Moves Mouse

Man Brainstorms at Desk

Business Woman Clicks Her Pen

Discussing Dates at Office

Woman at a Bar

Woman with Hat during Spring

Young Woman Is Waiting

Espresso Maker on Stove

Studio Portrait of a Woman

Coffee inside a Espresso Maker

Woman with Hat at Canal

Coffee and Newspaper

Snow at City Center

Hands with Heart on Paper

Businesswoman with Bow Tie

Coat at Clothes Rack in Shop

Woman With Drink at Wall

Hand with Analog Camera

Close-up of Sewing Machine

Chef in Kitchen at Stove

Yarn Bobbins on Wall

Photographer in Fashion Showroom

Man Next to Lightbulb

Chef at Work

Measuring Tape Around Dress Form

Monochrome Woman in Coat

Air Bubbles in Cocktail Glass

Woman with Smartphone and Laptop

Spinning Coffee Bean

Espresso Machine at Work

Female Smoker

Woman in Black Dress

Gift and German Incense Smoker

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