Leipzig, Germany

It started with enthusiasm and turned into a vision, a vision that created a dream and from that dream Malolepzie Visual Storytelling was born. Creating a space for inspiration and enabling high-quality and visionary Content. That’s Malolepzie.

Cinemagraphs by Malolepzie

Woman poses in a field of poppies

Pedestrians walk past a store window

Couple takes selfie in front of mural

Couple take picture in front of a mural

Sand runs through hour glass

Woman at dining table inspects spoon

Baking cookies

Woman raises a glass

Woman in poppy field

Badminton racket spins

Young woman in pool

Woman in black swimwear

Bike hangs on the wall

Woman looks into distance

Melon in swimming pool

Woman daydreaming

Woman can’t decide between fruit or cream

Gauge on a set scale swings back and forth

Wrapping a christmas present

Unwrapping a present

Christmas decoration hangs from tree

Writing a christmas wish-list

Eating healthy

Christmas socks

Magical gift

Miniature house at christmas

Steaming mug with candy cane

Wish list for Santa Clause

Couple exercises together

Stretching and push-ups

Lady drinks alone at bar

Coffee flows out the spout of a percolator

Woman in hat stands in front of canal

Coffee and Newspaper

Snow falls in a city centre

Hand draws heart

Business woman with bowtie

Woman rests drink on wall

Coat swings on its rack

Woman spinning hat around her finger

Analog camera

Close-up of Sewing Machine

Chef stirs pan

Spools of thread

Photographer in fashion showroom

Man sits beside lightbulb

Chef at work

Measuring tape around mannequin

Studio portrait of Woman

Woman looks up at camera

Female scrolls through app

Cocktail with rosemary fizzes

Morning routine in Winter

Spinning Coffee Bean

Percolator boils on a gas stove top

Espresso machine at work

Female Smoker

A young woman waits in a cafe

Want to give your project (e)motion? License from the world’s finest collection of cinemagraphs. Built with love in Berlin.