Marco Woldt

Berlin, Germany

I’m Marco, co-founder of gallereplay, and I’m currently based in Berlin. I worked as a TV journalist and filmmaker before falling in love with cinemagraphs. Ever since I began to capture “moments in motion”, I see cinemagraphs all around me and get especially excited about things that move in circles. I’m a sucker for street- and travel motifs. My favorite cinemagraphs are those that tell little stories.

Cinemagraphs by Marco

Modern bikes park outside a bar in Barcelona

A woman photographs Barcelona’s skyline at sunset

Woman swings in Poolside Hammock in southern France

Red clouds pass over distance hill in Barcelona

Two women sit together under a tree while sketching

A cable car pulls into its station in Barcelona

White wedding chapel by sea

A young man squeezes orange juice

Shoes hang from a traffic light

A man stirs ice in a cocktail glass

A businesswoman’s hair blows in the wind

A carpenter planes down a piece of wood

Empty Swing in a Park

A father rests in park with Daughter

Alfresco drinking in Stockholm

Young man on bench listens to boombox

Cuban man stands by his car

A businesswoman sits confidently on sofa

Waves along the Malecon in Havana

Sandstorm on a beach

Vinyl record turns on yellow turntable

Sunbathing legs in sea breeze

Bridge over the bosphorus

Flutist performs for passers-by

A chef cooks fish on an open grill

Palm leaves blow in the wind above beach promenade

Woman operates a sewing machine

Blossoms fall around a pagoda

Nighttime skyline of Berlin with traffic

Man fishes off quay

A man in white sweeps a street

Car tachometer shows revs climbing an falling

Seagull perches on an Istanbul Rooftop

A father waits next to his daughter on a swingset

Swimming Pool above Havana traffic

Curly-haired woman on Beach

Young man listens to music on boombox

Young man waits on bench surrounded by graffiti

Avocado on toast

Mysterious pair in discussion high above berlin

Photo of friends

Light flashes on armoured police truck

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