Marco Woldt

Berlin, Germany

I’m Marco, co-founder of gallereplay, and I’m currently based in Berlin. I worked as a TV journalist and filmmaker before falling in love with cinemagraphs. Ever since I began to capture “moments in motion”, I see cinemagraphs all around me and get especially excited about things that move in circles. I’m a sucker for street- and travel motifs. My favorite cinemagraphs are those that tell little stories.

Cinemagraphs by Marco Woldt

Young Adults with Bikes Near Bar

Pink Clouds Visible from Montjuic

Two women sit together under a tree while sketching

A cable car pulls into its station in Barcelona

Dangling Legs Over Uribi Gorge

An Orange Juice Stand

Barkeeper Stirs Cocktail Glass

Woman in Hammock in Garden

Woman Photographs Barcelona's Skyline

Formally Dressed Woman on a Sofa

Man on Bench with Boombox

Empty Swing in a Park

Berlin Skyline and Traffic at Night

Woman with Sewing Machine

Traffic Lights with Old Shoes.

White Wedding Chapel at Beach

Formally Dressed Woman on a Sofa

Carpenter in Shop with Wood Plane

Father with Daughter in Park

Beer Garden in Summer

Cuban Next to his Car

Waves along the Malecon in Havana

Sandstorm at Beach

Vinyl Record on Yellow Turntable

Legs on a Beach Towel

Bridge Over the Bosphorus

Street Musician with Flute

Open Grill at Market Place

Palm Tree at Boardwalk

Pagoda and Pond with Blossoms

Man with Broom on Street

Man with Fishing Rod at Quay

Father and Daughter at Swing

Needle of a Rev Counter

Seagull on an Istanbul Rooftop

Swimming Pool above Havana Traffic

Man with Boombox

Woman with Curls on Beach

Man on Bench with Graffiti

Business Men Overlook City Skyline

Avocado with Oil on Toast

Emergency Lights of a Police Truck

Photo of Friends on Steps

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