Marcos Valle

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hey there. I’m an architect and photography enthusiast based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yes, Messi, Maradona and the Pope. It took me a few minutes to stop staring at the very first one. . .cinemagraphs are mind blowers. I can see them everywhere now, everyday actions deserve one.

Cinemagraphs by Marcos Valle

Jogger and Shadow on Beach

Woman’s Shadow and Rock Wall

Singer and Spotlight on Stage

Train Passes Woman with Hat

Woman with Match and Candles

Hands with Knife and Bread

Man Swimming during Pool Party

Hands with Smartphone

Avocado on Toast

Couple, with Bicycle on Platform

Steaming Water and Mate

Man Jumps into Pool

Chef with Beer and Lights

Footbridge with Walkers alongside Ocean

Women with Hot Water and Tea Pot

Banana Bread and Chocolate Chips

Piece of Meat over Bonfire

Man Diving in Pool

Man with Book at Fireplace

Man with Mate and Beard

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