Peter Chou

Toronto, Canada

With more than 25 years of commercial experience shooting for some of the world’s leading brands, I still love creating visuals. From a foundation built on meticulously composed still life compositions, I’m now exploring the world of motion. By introducing an element of animation within the still frame, my cinemagraphs aim to engage the viewer.

Cinemagraphs by Peter Chou

Trains in Front of High Risers

Girl With Laptop on Couch

Waves at Beach During Storm

Fizzy Cocktail with Raspberries

Colorful Cocktails at Happy Hour

Cup of Tea on Tabletop

Fresh Orange Juice on Tabletop

Crowds Pass by Arc de Triomf

Shadows in a Colourful Home

Cup of Coffee on Tabletop

Washed Dishes in Steel Sink

Coffee with Cream and Sugar Cubes

Steaming Cup of Coffee

New York Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge

Ladies Play Beach Volleyball

Assortment of Engraved Spoons

Lights of an Amusement Park Ride

The Seine at Dusk

Female Pianist

Preparation of Affogato

Melting Chocolate on Whisk

Golden Light on the CN Tower

Espresso Machine with Two Cups

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