Renzani Eka

Batam, Indonesia

I am a videographer based in Batam, Indonesia, a small island near Singapore. My main job is filming wedding and pre-wedding sessions. I have also produced videos, news, PSA, and short films for my church. I like peoples’ interaction with other people or with their surroundings.

Cinemagraphs by Renzani

A young woman in a white dress sits in a stairwell

Young woman in green dress holds basket of flowers

A bride and groom with their horse in jungle

A couple snuggle in the light of a campfire

A couple kissing under a tree

A young girl and her mother put up Christmas decorations

Moustached Asian man in sunglasses baths in pool

A young Asian man watches bikers perform tricks

A young Asian woman stands in a rice field

Customers at a cafe in Indonesia

Steam rises from the vent of a Japanese restaurant

Woman in front of leaves

Black and white portrait of a young Asian woman

A hands turns the handle of a coffee grinder

Woman wearing virtual reality googles

Hands type on laptop

Young Asian Woman sips Coffee

Asian woman stands in tall forest

A black and white portrait of a young Asian woman

Waterfall and day-trippers

Woman in dress looks at herself in mirror and plays with hair

Drone flies at sunset

Woman looks out from atop a bridge

Young pair kiss

Young couple kisses as life rushes past

Photographer in yellow tunnel

Train passes community of apartments

Tourist takes photo

Red sneakers rest by stream

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