Rolf Meier

Basel, Switzerland

Hi! My name is Rolf, I’m a photographer based in Basel, Switzerland. My background is in portrait- and business photography. I recently discovered cinemagraphs and have really enjoyed the challenge of creating these ‘living photos’. I love this new way of storytelling and since finding out about these magic works of art, I see the world through one „still-“ and one „movie-“ eye…there are cinemagraphs wherever you look.

Cinemagraphs by Rolf Meier

Hands with Laptop at Desktop

Legs and Goggles at a Pool

Woman meditating in front of Sunset

Three Snails under Lavender

Man in Suit Plays with pen

Two Men in a Gym

Car Wash Through Windshield

Tractor With Trail of Dust

Ripples in a Marina

Hands with Tablet over Coffee Table

Spinning Coin and Hour Glass

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