Rolf Meier

Basel, Switzerland

Hi! My name is Rolf, I’m a photographer based in Basel, Switzerland. My background is in portrait- and business photography. I recently discovered cinemagraphs and have really enjoyed the challenge of creating these ‘living photos’. I love this new way of storytelling and since finding out about these magic works of art, I see the world through one „still-“ and one „movie-“ eye…there are cinemagraphs wherever you look.

Cinemagraphs by Rolf

Man’s hands type on a laptop

A woman stretches out her legs by the pool

A young woman meditates towards the sunset

Snails gather together under lavender

Hands scroll through an internet Article on a tablet

Car in carwash

Spinning Coin

Man in suits waits in front of wall whilst fiddling with pen

Tractor plows a field

Two men in a gym

Gentle ripples in a Harbour

Want to give your project (e)motion? License from the world’s finest collection of cinemagraphs. Built with love in Berlin.