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In a world saturated with visual media, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a single image to stand out. Cinemagraphs go against the grain and mark a step towards a fresh and futuristic breed of photography. Back in 2015 we recognized the medium’s potential and launched gallereplay: an image provider specializing in high quality stock cinemagraphs and cinemagraph productions.

The Art of


The medium’s potential for expression is inspiring a growing number of creatives to take up cinemagraph production. gallereplay works with the leading cinemagraph creators around the globe. From sunny beaches to winter landscapes, portraiture to food cinemagraphs – there’s always an expert within gallereplay’s network, with either a fitting cinemagraph in stock or the necessary know-how to produce it.

Who’s Behind


gallereplay was set in motion by our Co-Founders Lydia Dietsch and Marco Woldt. In 2015 their combined knowledge of photography and video production laid the foundation for the first stock platform devoted entirely to cinemagraphs. Our team operates out of Berlin, Germany.

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