Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about gallereplay’s licenses?

All stock cinemagraph licenses that can be purchased directly via our website are non-exclusive. There are neither geographic nor time-related restrictions (we grant worldwide rights in perpetuity), however each license is only valid for one-time use. If you would like to use a cinemagraph as part of several different projects, you have the option of purchasing an Unlimited license. If you require exclusive rights to a cinemagraph, it is possible to negotiate a Market Freeze for a set period of time - please write us an E-Mail with the details to receive a quote.

For a more extensive overview of our licenses, please see §5 of our Terms and Conditions.

How does your pricing work?

All our stock cinemagraphs are priced consistently. Prices are determined primarily by two factors: the size of the company that you are licensing for and how you will use the cinemagraph. On the purchase page of any cinemagraph you’ll find two drop-down menus. To calculate what it would cost to license a cinemagraph, select the options that correspond to your project from these two drop-downs. Remember to tick Unlimited under the Extended Options if you would like to use the cinemagraph for more than one project.

How are the cinemagraphs delivered?

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive a download link via E-Mail (usually within a few moments), which is valid for 48 hours. The downloaded .zip file will contain .mp4 and .webm versions of your cinemagraph, delivered in three resolutions: Full HD (1920x1080px), a mid-sized resolution (1280x720px), and a thumbnail resolution (576x324px). All resolutions are compressed to a small file size to ensure they load quickly on websites. Also included is the original, uncompressed file with a high bitrate, which is sometimes available in 4K (you can check the available resolutions on the purchase page of each cinemagraph). Furthermore, you’ll find .jpg and .gif fallback files and an HTML code for easy web integration.

How do custom productions work?

We work with professional cinemagraph artists on 6 continents to create custom visuals for brands and enterprise clients. Our “gallereplayers" specialise in a variety of genres, so no matter what kind of cinemagraph you’re after (food, sports, children, nature, etc), we have a specialist who can bring your vision to life. Typically a cinemagraph or series of cinemagraphs can be turned around in 2-4 weeks. The stages of production are as follows:

1. In a phone call or meeting we discuss your needs, concepts, plans and anything else related to the visuals and their use.
2. Based on this conversation, we will create a detailed briefing, which we’ll ask you to approve.
3. We select and brief a fitting artist from our roster to produce the cinemagraph.
4. Together with the artist we organise anything required for the shoot, such as studio space, models, props, wardrobe, etc.
5. The artist captures and edits an advanced draft of the cinemagraph, which we send to you for feedback.
6. If necessary, the artist makes corresponding edits and we format the final cinemagraph correctly so that it’s ready to go and optimized for your needs.

Prices depend on the complexity of the visual, the total number of cinemagraphs you are commissioning, and which license you require. For a custom quote, please fill out the form on our Custom Creation page.

I’m a cinemagrapher, how can I sell my work on gallereplay?

We’re always on the lookout for talented cinemagraphers. Since our aim is to provide high-quality content created by media professionals, we have a strict selection process for applicants and kindly ask you to submit some samples of your work for our consideration. Click here to find out more.

Can you suggest fitting cinemagraphs from your collection?

Absolutely! We offer search assistance free of charge. Let us know exactly what you’re looking for and our team will suggest cinemagraphs suited to your project. Email us:

Can I purchase on behalf of a client?

Yes. On the purchase page of the cinemagraph, you can type in the name of the end customer. This will appear on the invoice and in our records.

Do you offer high-resolution comps for client pitches?

Yes, we can provide high-resolution, watermarked comps for client presentations and pitch purposes. Send us an email with the details and we will make these available. We also offer high-resolution comps without watermarks to account holders.