Download Free Cinemagraph

Download Free Cinemagraph

Download Free Cinemagraphs For Commercial Use

If you’d like to test free cinemagraphs and use them for commercial or private purposes, then you’re in the right place: Simply download one or several free cinemagraphs via the “Download free mp4” or “Download free gif” button and use the cinemagraph on Facebook, Instagram, your website, for your next marketing campaign or some other purpose.

Hover over an image to set it in motion, or click on it to enlarge.

License Conditions

Every cinemagraph that we make freely available for use has a small gallereplay logo. This logo must be visible and recognizable within your project. Use permits private as well as commercial use worldwide, in perpetuity, and for all media and platforms. If you don’t want to have the logo in the free cinemagraph and would prefer to put a credit under the image, please send us an email and we will send you a logo-free version.

gif vs. mp4

You are unsure about whether you need a gif or mp4? It is important to know that a gif can display up to 256 colors, while an mp4 can display millions of colors. This leads to unpleasant colour gradations in the case of gifs. Gif files are also larger in size than mp4 files (despite having a far smaller color palette). We therefore make our mp4s available in Full HD (1920x1080 px), while gifs are only available as 640x360 px. The advantage of gifs with regard to cinemagraphs is that gifs loop the video natively. In the case of mp4s, looping is done via code. However, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have such settings automatically programmed. Generally speaking, you can consider an mp4 cinemagraph as better than or equivalent to a high-quality gif.

Gallereplay is a provider of video loops and cinemagraphs. Browse through our royalty-free stock collection! Every micro video is sent in various resolutions and formats (gif, webm and mp4), allowing you to easily embed it in your website, or put it on social media channels or other platforms. Send us an email if you have any questions relating to use. And try out Kataloop (animation of your private videos) and our ecard tool!