Anna Voelske

Gießen, Germany

Hey, I’m a fashion and people photographer based in the middle of Germany. I love making creative concepts and see them filled with life in my cinemagraphs. Our brain is more fascinated by movements than by still objects, so we as cinemagraph artists have the great possibility to direct the view of our recipients to single pieces in a picture.

Cinemagraphs by Annav


Young business women work on bench

Dog sleeps by Christmas tree

Businesswoman’s hair blows in wind

Group of young business woman

Female Aviator 2

Dog watches christmas tree ornaments

Blond Woman on Pick-Up Truck

Boy and dog with christmas tree

Child and dog by Christmas tree

Woman poses next to plane

Woman and a 4x4

Young businesswomen work together using devices

Woman on bed

Businesswoman swings handbag

Sports enthusiasts practice stunts

Group of woman work at table

Business women work at table

Female Aviator

Swordsman Wields Sword Near Fortress

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