Floris Kloet

Hilversum, Netherlands

I have always noticed the small things, subtle moments or little details. For me, these are moments when I make a connection to the universe, when time doesn’t seem to exist anymore and all my thoughts disappear and I just am. My goal is to try and capture these perfect moments in cinemagraphs. Armed with a quote from one of my favorite movies - Vivre Sa Vie (1962) - „Everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things to see their beauty.“ I try to find these moments and capture them in cinemagraphs: It appears that you don’t have go to far.

Cinemagraphs by Floris


Autumn leaves fall onto a forest path

Nightly reflections dance on the surface of a canal in Amsterdam

Distant city lights glow on the shore of a bay

Purple Sunset behind an open ocean

Reflections of street lights on water in Amsterdam

Light reflects off the surface of a canal in Amsterdam

Sunset behind the Amsterdam Skyline

Moon light reflects off calm waters

Sunrise above the misty forest

Leaves fall behind a tree stump

Highway beneath the stars

Train Crosses Tunnel by Night

Stream in Misty Forest

Mushrooms in the Fog

Plant by Lake at Sunset

Rocky Coastline by Sunset

Bamboo in Misty Jungle

Lighthouse by Moonlight

Fog drifts across a forest track

Waves rolling up lake shore

Rain runs down a window

Water runs off a fern

A red moon rises over a lake

Sunrise behind a forest

Rain drops bounce off young flowers

Rain drops hit a forest puddle

Waves lap against small rock

Young plant in the forest

Sunlight bounces off a stream

Small wind turbine turns

Water falls on the leaves of an ivy

Waves lap against the shore

Starlight sparkles on lake

Moss-covered log

Traffic drive along a highway at night

A small stream flows

Butterfly on a stone

Rock on the seafront

A young twig is shrouded in mist

Mushrooms on the forest floor

Rain drops bounce off leaves

Small stream runs over rocks and fallen trees

Traffic passes under a bridge at night

Rain drops run down a car window

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