Malik Daniels

Denver, USA

My name is Malik Daniels and I am from Denver, Colarado, but now residing in the beautiful state of New Mexico. I first got into cinemagraphs and fashion photography as a transition from my filmmaking work. I realized that fashion embodied so many elements of drama, story and emotion in a single image and I was drawn to the challenge of capturing these unique concepts in a way I felt I couldn’t with film. The cinemagraphs that interest me the most are ones that present a moment or emotion with their action, but also showcase personality and character.

Cinemagraphs by Malik

White wine is poured into glass in dark restaurant

Young tattooed woman sits in garden

Young woman wears snake as head dress whilst blinking

Young woman rests on bed of flowers

Woman rests head on sheep skull and blinks her eyes

Woman drinks coffee whilst waiting for laundry

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