Michel Mölder

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi, my name is Michel and I'm based in Amsterdam, Holland. I have a big love for visual storytelling. I'm intrigued with the magic of video and obsessed with the perfect still frame. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes down to the technical side of creating images. Checking out the work of other photographers, watching arthouse films or analyzing blockbuster lighting schedules is what makes me tick. Cinemagraphs combine the best of both worlds for me. When done right, it's hard not to look at them!

Cinemagraphs by Michel

Young man adjusts his bowtie in mirror

Young man relaxes with a drink in an leather armchair

Young man holds football while lost in thought

Rush Hour Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge

Traffic Lights Blink Behind Silhouetted Stairs

Traffic near Central Park

Drummer Play in Subway Station

Passenger Train Waits on Tracks

Man in library selects a book with a bookmark

Pigeon sits on traffic light and flies off

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