Sherif Mokbel

New York, USA

Hi, I’m Sherif Mokbel, Director, Cinematographer and green tea lover based in Dubai. I got hooked into creating Cinemagraphs as they’re the thin creative line between film and photography. They’re the 1 frame film that tells stories in much more than a thousand words.

Cinemagraphs by Sherif Mokbel

Woman in Underwear with Red Wine

Woman with Typewriter at Desktop

Woman with Book and Typewriter

Woman in bed with Jewellery

Woman with Leather Glove and Aviator’s Hat

Woman in Bra at Roadside

Woman in Fur at Window

Woman with Wine at Window

Woman in Garden at Bridge

Woman with Car at Roadside

Woman with Feather Fan

Woman with Wineglass at Window

Woman at Mirror

Woman with Teapot and Cup

Woman in Lingerie in Classic Car

Woman with a Cup of Tea

Woman with Lipstick at Mirror

Woman with Pearls on Bed

Woman in Aviator Hat

Blonde Woman in Bed

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