Sherif Mokbel

Dubai, UAE

Hi, I’m Sherif Mokbel, Director, Cinematographer and green tea lover based in Dubai. I got hooked into creating Cinemagraphs as they’re the thin creative line between film and photography. They’re the 1 frame film that tells stories in much more than a thousand words.

Cinemagraphs by Sherif

Woman in bra waits by side of road

Woman in underwear with red wine

Woman types at a typewriter

Woman turns pages of book

Woman lies in bed examining her jewellery

Woman in furs in front of window

Woman with wine in front of window

Woman stands in garden

Woman waits at side of road

Widow in mourning

Woman holds glass of wine

Woman pours teas

Woman stirs a cup of tea

Woman exits a car

Woman plays with hair in mirror

Woman in front of mirror applies lipstick

Woman pulls on leather glove

Woman leans across bed

Portrait of a woman in an aviator hat

Woman in bed plays with hair

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