Thomas Brand

Munich, Germany

Hi, I am Thomas from Munich. Yeah, exactly, that’s where Oktoberfest, mountain-kitsch and all those fairytale castles are found. Having studied Graphic Design and Photography in Munich as well as London, I am constantly looking for interesting things happening around me. When I discovered cinemagraphs, I was quite excited about the fascination of partial movement and endlessly looping imagery. For me, it is a perfect link between film and photography. I love to shoot nature, landscape, detail, people and fashion. Well, actually pretty much everything.

Cinemagraphs by Thomas Brand

Foggy Field

Winter Lake and Embankment

Zurich Skyline During Sunset

Cherry Blossoms in the Wind

Children's Funfair

Sunset Leaves

Drone In Forest

Camera on Driftwood at Beach

Man with Cigarillo in Bar

Snowy Jetty and Boats

Snow Smoke

Path in the Forest

Snowy Pier and Tree

Aerial of Forest Road in Winter

Duck in the Snow

Fairytale Stairway in Forest

Woman Wearing Hat in Snowy Sunshine

Woman Wearing Hat in Snow

Artist Paints Illustration on Wall

Swinging Industrial Lamps in Warehouse

Sun Sets Over Manhattan Skyline

Nighttime Traffic in Brooklyn

Woman Sits by River in Zurich

Lonely Boat on Bavarian Lake

Young Woman by Large Waterfall

Mountain River Flows

Woman with Balloons in Front of Brick Wall

Woman Hovering Next to Traffic

Shadows Crossing Bridge

Old Chimney and Water Wheel

Clouds Pass Over Scottish Highlands

Train Tracks Inside Polaroid Frame

Coastline Sunset Inside a Polaroid Frame

Young Woman with Hat Blinks

Evening over Manhattan Skyline

Night Falls over Central Park

Friends Relax by Lake in Alps

Woman Hovers Next to Traffic by Night

Woman on Staten Island Ferry

Woman on Beach besides Woodpile

Cat and Woman on Alleyway

Man Over Waterfall

Woman on Grass With Flowers

Evening Sky over Munich

Winter Aerial at Sylvestein

Woman at Hot Spring Waterfall

Countryside Near the Mediterranean Sea

Clouds Over Mountain City

Woman in Alleyway

Dog and Cat in Alley

Metronome Next to Trumpet

Polaroid of Woman and Poppy Field

Ripples on a Small Pond

Seaside Sunset Inside Polaroid

Woman With Hat in Flower Field

Traffic of London in Polaroid

Single Raindrops on Calm Lake

Dandelions in the Wind

Durdle Door in Lulworth

Levitating Woman in Abandoned Warehouse

Frozen Branches

Starry Night

Yoga at Mountainside

Woman in Canoe on Lake

Man With Cigarillo in Bar

Woman on Rocks Near River

Woman in Cave

Model at Brooklyn Bridge

Angler during Sunset at Beach

Woman in Snowy Forest

Woman at Piano

Black Hood in Snowy Forest

Sunset Over Wetlands

Blonde in Black Hood

Bartender With Whiskey and Glas

Coastal City and Sea


Secluded Cornish Lagoon

Hidden Woman in Snowy Forest

Summer Evening at Brighton Pier

Woman in Hot Springs

Window Into the Sunset

Strings of an Acoustic Guitar

Woman with Hat in Tall Grass

Woman on the Edge of a Cliff

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