Tyler Lillico

Calgary, Canada

Hi! I'm Tyler. I'm currently attending the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. I've always loved landscape photography and the ability to create timelapses of nature to show often forgotten motions. After discovering cinemagraphs I quickly realized there was a whole new world of possibilities for combining motion and still images together. My cinemagraghs tend to be less subtle with an emphasis on the time lapse motion leading to a surreal final piece.

Cinemagraphs by Tyler

Clouds pass over a mountain lake

Late evening clouds hang above a frozen lake

Clouds pass over Rocky Mountains

Ranger’s cabin

Student Using Laptop in Library

Woman Admires Mountain Scenery

Moonlit Night in the Mountains

Camping under the stars

Handstand by Waterfall

Waterfall and Canyon by Sunset

Campfire Under the Stars

Sunrise Yoga

A dachshund wags it’s tail

A waterfall in Canadian woodlands

Northern lights dance in night sky

Dive into lake

A frozen lake

Small bird rests on a fence in the Rocky Mountains

Storm rolls over the low Canadian prairies

Day and nighttime view Calgary Skyline

The sun sets over a green valley

A hiker stands on stepping stone in Rawson Lake, CA.

The city of Calgary lit by city lights at night

Woman sits at the edge of waterfall

Woman stands on the edge of a foggy mountain side

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