Virgo Haan

Tallinn, Estonia

I’m Virgo, I like to call myself “future photography enthusiast.” It means that I am really into cinemagraphs, interactive photos, 3D photos etc. I’m currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. I get inspiration from music videos, video games, movies, other photographers’ works. I like to challenge myself to get technically more and more advanced but also I’m always looking for a so called “movie magic”, something that we could never see with our bare eyes.

Cinemagraphs by Virgo

Outdoor party with sparklers

Confetti canon fires

Cat share dinner with its owner

Finger lipstick

Woman with mulled wine at christmas market

Underwear comes off

Running around the house

Chef holds knife as hob burns

Woman dances on a pier at sunset

Girls jump into pool

Woman with blue cutout over eye

A young child in the bath

Hammocks blow in the wind

Flying T-shirt in the storm

Group of fishermen at sunset

Clouds quickly roll past African elephant

Smoking woman blinks in glitter makeup

Blinking woman

Blond model against brown backdrop

Legs pedaling

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