Virgo Haan

Tallinn, Estonia

I’m Virgo, I like to call myself “future photography enthusiast.” It means that I am really into cinemagraphs, interactive photos, 3D photos etc. I’m currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. I get inspiration from music videos, video games, movies, other photographers’ works. I like to challenge myself to get technically more and more advanced but also I’m always looking for a so called “movie magic”, something that we could never see with our bare eyes.

Cinemagraphs by Virgo Haan

Outdoor Party with Sparklers

Vintage Car Driving Off Cliff

Crowd of Fans Cheering

Finger Lipstick

Blonde Model

Floating Shirt in Snow Storm

Woman with Blue Cutout Eye

Basketball Flies Through Hoop

Father and Daughter with Confetti Gun

Hungry Cat on Dinner Table

Woman with Mulled Wine

Chef at Burning Hob

Underwear Around Ankles

Endless Child’s Play

Dancer at Pier During Sunset

Girls at Public Pool

Bubbles in a Bathtub

Hammocks at the Beach

Elephant in Front of Clouds

Look of a Woman

Glittery Face with Cigarette

Air Bicycle

Woman in Bathtub with Candles

Hairdresser Cuts Hair with Scissors

Hairdresser with Spray in Salon

Fisherman at Sunset

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