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An Overview of Our Work

200th Birthday Campaign and More

Berliner Sparkasse

gallereplay created various short video series for Berliner Sparkasse, which were then displayed on numerous video panels belonging to the bank. The work included a short video which presented Sparkasse‘s social media channels, photo animations for a PR campaign to commemorate the bank’s 200th birthday, as well as stock photo animations and cinemagraphs from animals at Berlin Zoo and Tierpark Berlin (the bank’s strategic partners).

  • Custom Cinemagraph Production
  • Custom Cinemagraph Production
  • Production of an ad to promote Sparkasse’s social media channels
  • Animation of a stock photo for Easter
  • Cinemagraph from Photo
  • Cinemagraph from Stock Video

In all of our joint projects, the collaboration with gallereplay ran perfectly smoothly. From the cinemagraphs–created in the most various ways–to our individually produced commercials, the results were always first class.

Rosalie Schaefer, Marketing and Online Editorial Team, Berlin Sparkasse