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gallereplay brought sparkle to CNN Style’s coverage of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, creating cinemagraphs of the stars to better capture the glamour of the prestigious cinema event. Footage captured on the red carpet by CNN Style was crafted into cinemagraphs within 12 hours and published on CNN’s social media channels and the CNN Style website. The cinemagraph of Will Smith and the jury performed particularly well, gathering more than 260K views and 15K likes.

  • Cinemagraph from video
  • Cinemagraph from video
  • Cinemagraph from video

We were excited to add cinemagraphs to our coverage of Cannes this year and to offer something a little different. It’s a great way to capture the glamour of the festival and bring the event to life for our digital audience.

Lianne Turner / Senior Producer, CNN Style